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    Discovering the wonders of the city

    Capital of the region Le Marche, hard-working and rich in nature and culture, Ancona is the perfect and tangible evidence of how history, during its course, can leave aesthetically and humanly permanent traces on those who find themselves staying here both for work or vacation.

Glimpse of a sunset along the pedestrian avenue of Ancona

Ancona's Avenue

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Let yourself be captivated by the many bars and interesting shops along Corso Garibaldi and its parallels Corso Stamira and Corso Mazzini, to join Ancona's most authentic nightlife.

San Ciriaco's Duomo's facade, Ancona

San Ciriaco's Duomo

16 min

Rising on the ruins of an old hellenistic temple, dedicated to Venere Euplea (a version of the Venus, goddess of good sailing), San Ciriaco's Duomo is the symbol of Ancona and one of the most interesting medieval churches of the region.

Coast stretch under Ancona's Passetto

Il Passetto

17 min

At the end of Viale della Vittoria is The First World War's memorial of Ancona, designed by the native architect Guido Cirillo. From there, you can reach the underlying Passetto's beach through a wide staircase.

The Mole Vanvitelliana, also known as Lazzaretto

Mole Vanvitelliana

21 min

Also known as Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona's Lazzaretto is a structure designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli. Rising on an artificial pentagonal island inside the harbour, it is connected to the mainland by three bridges and it occupies a surface of 20.000 m². The canal that separates it from the mainland is known as "mandracchio".

Ancona's old harbour by night

Ancona's old harbour

27 min

The pedestrian zone of the old harbour starts from Porta S. Primiano. The red signal drawn on the street provides indications about the path: the vistor can follow the way while seeing the most significant historical landmarks, from the historical walls to the ruins of the roman harbour, from Traiano's Arch to Clementino's Arch, up until the basement of the Red Lantern.

Exterior of the Muse's theatre, Ancona

Muse's Theatre

11 min

While leaving the neoclassical style of the facade intact to remind the history of the Muse's theatre, the interior has been entirely renovated and designed like a vast plaza, thanks both to materials and shapes. The theatre offers a hall with more than a thousand seats, a stage of about 400 m², a firebreak curtain, unique in its own genre and in Europe, designed by the sculptor Valerio Trubbiani, and a foyer of 186 seats, extremely modern spaces for both the artists and the audience.